Nadine & Ketil’s Wedding 2024

We are getting married

On the 16th of May we are going to get married ♥️ The formal ceremony will take place  in a private setting.

To celebrate our wedding, we invite you for an informal party either in Germany the 22nd of June 2024, or in Norway on the 27th of July.

Let us know if you are coming at latest the 1st of June (Germany) or the 1st of July (Norway). If you have any kind of questions, do not hesitate to contact Ketil at +47 906 43 544 or by e-mail 


Celebration in Germany 22.06.24.

When: Saturday 22nd of June - 2 pm.

Where: Schutzhütte Angelburg-Frechenhausen  

Frechenhausen is Nadines hometown, and we are so much looking forward to have our party there. 

We will start around 2 pm. Coffee and cakes will be served around 2.30 pm, and dinner will be served around 6.30 pm. The party will end around midnight. 

There is no dresscode for the party, just come in your favorite outfit. 

We are very much looking forward to celebrate our special day with you 😍.

Celebration in Norway 27.07.24

The celebration in Norway takes place at Une and Stian’s cabin (Ketil’s sister and brother in law) in Bjønnes outside of  Porsgrunn. As you can see from the pictures, it is very good possibilities for bathing, - you are very welcome to 🤗.

The celebration starts at 12, and it will be served food around 1 and 3pm.  Coffee and cakes will be offered around 6pm. The party sill end around midnight.

If the weather is not nice, the party will be moved to our home in Lynglia 6 - Stridsklev. 

You can come and go as you like and there is no dresscode for the party, your favourite outfit is perfect. We are very much looking forward to celebrate our special day with you  😍.

What we wish...

The greatest gift you can make us is to join us and share our special day with us. If you are coming for one hour or ten hours is upt to you and what suits you best. 

If you still would like to give us a gift, we would appreciate a small contribution to our travel fund. 


We have got "special price" at two hotels nearby. Hotell Vic in the centre of Porsgrunn, and Skjærgården Hotell og Badepark in Langesund - by the sea. To get information about booking codes and prices, please contact Ketil